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2 out of 5 attractions in Dhanolti

Surkanda Devi Temple

After Mussoorie, we move further on our Uttarakhand Escape towards Auli , taking a pitstop at Kaddu Khaal and hike 3kms to the top till Surkanda Devi, which is a temple of Goddess Sati. It is a beautiful trek and offers a 360 degrees uninterrupted views of the Garhwal Himalayan range. Have you been here, what was your experience like? P.S. this video was shot in December during our desperate serach for snow which sounds funny now considering the amount of snowfall North India has received in the past few weeks :)#escaperoute
Deepika Vaidya
Sneha Basu
Our next stop was the Surkhanda Devi temple in Dhanaulti. More than the destination, it's the journey that makes your day. Beautiful road with greenery and snowcapped peaks all the way to Dhanaulti. We crossed the eco park at Dhanaulti and a few camps on the way. I made a mental note to stay at a camp on my next visit here.Surkhanda Devi Temple stands on the summit at a height of 2750 metres above sea level, 5 km from Dhanaulti. The walk up the mountain is around 1.5 km, steps cut out with benches for rest along the way. Although the climb is strenous, the view from the top is quite the remuneration for your troubles. A warning, be careful with the packets of prasad you carry with you, monkeys watching you closely on the way may snatch it away from you.