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Autobahn Bar And Restaurant

Nihal Shatak
Autobahn:-What comes to your mind when you think of a smart Restaurant?Let me tell you what if you feed your name on the iPad and you get a table; What if you place your order on an iPad and Conveyer belt gets your food?That's right! That's a restaurant got digital, A restaurant that serves lip smacking food on a Conveyer belt and is totally a talk of the Town.Autobhahn is luring the crowds to their innovative concept of food brought to your tables on conveyor belts.Just like freeways in Germany called Autobahn, the aptly named restaurant is bringing food to your table and into your tummies in record time. The 72 seater dinning is traking Indian Cuisine and giving it an all-new avatar not by revamping the cuisine, but the representation of it.Although, people often forget to talk about the food at Autobahn, Autobahn still manages to serve the awesome kind of food which is gonna drive all your tastebuds crazy.