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Baba Harbhajan Singh Temple

Madhu Mandal
Baba Harbhajan Singh was an Indian army soldier. He is revered as the "Hero of Nathula" by soldiers of the Indian army, who built a shrine in his honor. He was accorded the state of the saint by believers who refer to him as the "Baba" (saintly father). Many of his faithful - chiefly Indian army personnel posted in and around the Nathu La and the Sino-Indian border between the state of Sikkim and Tibet Autonomous Region - have come to believe his spirit protects every soldier in the inhospitable high-altitude terrain of the Eastern Himalayas. As with most saints, Baba is believed to grant favors to those who revere and worship him. He is said to be protecting the country even after death.
Baba Harbhajan Singh temple: It's an interesting story with a flavor of patriotism.
pooja mallela
BABA HARBAJAN SINGH MANDIR:It basically is a lord shiva mandir. The mandir is situated just beside the gigantic waterfall and you are supposed to climb a hill to reach there. You are going to freeze to death there unless you wear a leather jacket .you can rent them from the local markets available at Tsomgo lakeThe mandir is basically situated at the border of India-china. But be careful when you are around the waterfalls, the water flows very fast.Rental jackets-500 per head including shoesLhasa beer-200/-
Trivikram Sarath
Captain "Baba" Harbhajan Singh is revered as the "Hero of Nathula" by soldiers of the Indian army, who built a shrine in his honour. He is said to be protecting India even after death. You can see his shrine, office and belongings of baba.
Mehak Khajuria
Apologue: Harbhajan Singh also famously known as the hero of Nathu La Pass whose ghost still guards the Indian border. Harbhajan Singh was an Indian Army soldier who died in 1968 near Nathu La, Sikkim, India. As per the legends Singh drowned in a glacier at 14,500 ft height where he was leading the flock of mules carrying supplies to the remote outpost. Three days later his remains were found near Nathu La. Legends further claim that the late Singh himself helped the search party find his body. On 26th January 1969, he was cremated with full military honors.Later through a dream, he also instructed one of his colleagues to construct a shrine on his memory. Some Indian soldiers claim that during India and China war, Singh would warn the soldiers 3 days prior the attack. And this may sound a little funny but any army official not maintaining a clean and disciplined uniform gets a slap from Singh. :D. Also, his own attire is self-cleaned strangely.He still exists in that region as per the legends and protects what is ours, even the then Chinese soldiers used to believe the same. Also, during flag meetings at Nathula La, the Chinese themselves set a chair aside for him to honor him. Why? Do they feel his existence or scared of a 'slap' they might get. :D.Also, do not forget to visit the Cafe 13K, which stands right opposite to the temple. A hot cup of coffee is a great reliever from the cold so biting. And needless to say please do buy the souvenirs from a small emporium next to the cafe for remembrance.