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Paliam Dutch Palace

Vrishabh Patel
So moving on from the Jewish Synagogue, next stop was the Dutch Palace. Originally, Mattancherry Palace. This palace was built by the Dutch as a gift to the King of Cochin in around 1555 and is on the tentative list of the Unesco's World Heritage Sites. It has many wall murals painted back during the day and a lot of old antiques. Worth the visit.
Shireena Jose
• Dutch palace
The Dutch Palace was originally built by the Portuguese. Later, in 17th century, the Dutch modified it and presented it to the Raja of Kochi. Coronation of many Rajas of Kochi were held here. The palace has a fine collection of mural paintings depicting scenes from the Hindu epics Mahabharata and Ramayana. The palace is located in Mattancherry.
The Museum is made out of the ruins of a palace, gifted by the Dutch to the Cochin king. The beautiful paintings depicting stories from Ramayana adorn the walls. The rest part of the palace records the history of the local kings/ kingdoms