Jai Sakhalkar
About three days before my birthday, I was feeling really home-sick and I wished I was with my family just for a day, for we celebrate all the birthdays with a blast. Yeah we’re really closely knit. I was in the north of France and obviously very far from my hometown; in India.  Thus, I decided to go to Paris. It was a wild decision as it was going to be my first solo trip; the very first time I was  travelling on my own. I was really scared and nervous but I had to prepare myself. In usual cases, I would have just skipped the plan of going there as there was no company. I had two choices: either to sit at home and spend the day like every other, or to brace up, face the fear and do what was on my bucket list since ages. I chose the second. Paris is the most beautiful city I’ve ever seen, but it is equally dangerous and I’ve always felt a particular vibe hit me when I am there. You have to be super alert everywhere or else you might get robbed off. But the idea of seeing Eiffel tower on my birthday melted all the fear away, and I decided to go.