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Vishal RS
Worth exploring.Just one stop journey from Algajola to Calvi, introduces you the lively streets, singing and dancing. Every year on September a festival takes place that brings people out and groovy.While you’re there explore the Calvi Citadel, Its massive walls with magnificent artwork all over, fills up your memory card involuntarily. Talking about Citadels don’t forget the one over at Bonifacio. While you're there don't forget to walk up & down the Escalier du Roi d’Aragon (King of Aragon Staircase).You must be famished, dig into the local cuisines. Too full? Grab a bike, burn some calories and explore the long lost village of D’ Occi in the mountains. Sweaty and tired? Why don’t you dip your feet in the soft sand of Aregno while sipping on a myrtle liquor.While you’re at it, look around there’s a shack stuffed with boards. Rent one out and take in the beauty of the blue water as the sun turns red and sinks beyond the horizon.