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The Chronicler
ColmarWe started by going to the famous Colmar bridge, Petit Venice- and don’t be deceived by the picture, boy was it crowded. We managed to shove ourselves in and take photographs that look like there is no one else but, trust me it was busy. You will understand by the photograph of me on the bridge. This little town looks like its straight out of a fairy-tale, although that is true for many of the towns in Europe. But this one specially with its medieval architecture and little bridge over a brook looked like it belonged in a book.
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Pranav Harish
Day 6The second day in Strasbourg can be used to do a day trip to Colmar, one of the prettiest villages in Europe. Its a short train ride from Strasbourg. This village falls in the well know Route de Vin or Wine Road of Alsace and is known as the region's King of Wine.Colmar has postcard perfect cobbled streets, colorful half-timber houses, and beautiful canals of the Lauch river. The best way to explore the village is to get lost in the alleys and also a boat ride through the canals of Colmar. Do visit the small bakeries and cafes and enjoy some local delicacies with the very friendly locals.
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