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EGUISHEIMWe picked up our rented bikes from Colmar and cycled along picturesque wine trails of 7 kms to reach Eguisheim. As we cycled along, we were occasionally distracted by the views of the gently rolling countryside hills, striped with vines. The views were nothing short of idyllic French countryside. We finally reached the village parking. My first impressions in setting foot here were that of a well-preserved medieval village with stark similarity in architecture to Colmar.History: Eguisheim is a medieval village, which has been inhabited since the Paleolithic age. It was captured by the Romans, who developed wine cultivation in the area. It’s also where Pope Leo IX was born in the 11th century and the chateau at the center of the village is dedicated as homage to him. Instagram: Windrosemusings
Sreshti Verma
9. Eguisheim, France