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Getting to Etretat: A Kaleidoscope of Scenes! As one leaves Paris and enters the province, the Seine river which is once surrounded by the iconic architecture of the French capital begins to be surrounded by lush green meadows and quaint settlements, a completely different aesthetic to that of the city, but very refreshing in its own right. The port of Le Havre is one of the biggest cities in the province, and along with its own beach serves as a gateway to many other beaches in Normandy. One of these is the town of Etretat. Not as renowned for its beaches, Etretat finds its fame for its numerous white chalk-cliffs, of great beauty to the eye. Even one of the most well-known painters to have ever lived in Claude Monet depicted Etretat in many of his works and had a deep admiration for the town's natural beauty:"Etretat is becoming more and more amazing. Now is the real moment: the beach with all its fine boats; it is superb, and I am enraged to not be more skillful in rendering all of this. I would need two hands and hundreds of canvases."
Etretat: Where the Coast and the Cliffs Collide; An Article by Ajinkya Kale, writer for Cobblestone Chronicles. Wish to know more about us? Click here!Back in 1944, the blood-soaked beaches of Normandy stood as a representation of just how brutal World War II really was, and served as a background for many-a-battle, the most famous of which is the seaborne invasion on D-Day. Jumpcut to today, Normandy's beaches have become the go-to summer destination for tourists. The northwestern coastline of France is blessed with sprawling beaches of white sand and pebbles, with favourable weather making it a very viable option for visitors.