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Aditi Jana
Getting to EzèNow most of us will book accommodations in Nice, as it is pretty much the only city with an International airport connecting most places across the globe to Cote d’Azur. This village steady between the towns of Cap d’Ail and Beaulieu-sur-Mer is thirty minutes bus ride from Nice, fifteen minutes from Monaco and the bus drops you off very close to the entrance. If you are planning on driving, there is a paid parking around the entrance that you have to get to first. There are also frequent trains running between Nice and Monaco –Ventimiglia, Italy, to get off on the way at Ezè. I personally enjoyed taking the bus for the scenic ride up the mountain and along the Mediterranean coast to get there. If you are feeling adventurous like I did, we hiked all the way up to the village entrance from the Moyenne Corniche road after we got off our bus from Cap d’Ail. Hot and tired from the uphill walk, we still managed to reap benefits of the breath-taking views along the way.
Juhi Bansal
Nestled between Nice and Monte Carlo, it is a small village with both a beach and a view from the hilltop.
Juhi Bansal
It pains me to pick one specific place on the French Riviera because it’s so beautiful in entirety but if I had to (gun to my head) I would pick Èze Village. Nestled between Nice and Monte Carlo, it is a small village with both a beach and a view from the hilltop. The view is what sealed the deal for us. It’s 400 m above sea level and the Mediterranean sea looks absolutely gorgeous from up there. The meandering cobbled streets that lead up to the view and beyond are idyllic and very romantic when you walk holding your partner’s hand. There are small galleries and boutiques on the cute streets where you’ll definitely find your dream piece to take back home with you. What’s more….the cafe on the top has an absolutely stunning view and food to die for! A romantic dinner will call out to you the minute you see it. It might get slightly expensive to stay in Èze unless you choose “home stay” but it’s just a few minutes bus ride away from Nice so don’t miss out on it!