Sayantan Saha
Foix is a small town located in the Midi-Pyrenees region of south western France. It is one of the least populous administrative regions in all of France having less than 10000 people. I started from Toulouse early morning via a train from the Toulouse Matabiau station. Within 15 minutes I could see the landscape change as the train sped across sunflower fields and huge mountains loomed in the horizon. The travel time from Toulouse is a little more than an hour and the train reached “Gare de Foix” just as the sun was rising, after crossing numerous tunnels and icy mountain streams. From the train itself I could see an imposing stone castle on top of a hill on the right side of the station. I later came to know that it is the famous “Chateau de Foix” built sometime in the 7th century AD although the exact date remains unclear. The station is a tiny one and it was nearly empty. The air was very chilly and the change in weather from Toulouse was quite surprising. One can reach the top of the castle and the view of the town is mesmerizing. There is an old medivial charm to the tiny town with its cobbled stone streets and old churches. The town center is also beautiful with a couple of coffee shops to read and relax and also a few souvenir stores. There are also a lot of small mountain streams with crystal clear water flowing through the town.