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Nupur Agrawal
If hiking and adventure at heights of 2000m is what you're searching for, you've landed on the right page. I'm writing this itinerary for the French Alps as a resident of Gap for the past 2 years. Gap is a tiny city in the south-east of France with a mere 40,000 people and is known for its warm 300 days of sun. But, in the 2 years that I've lived here, most people- French and otherwise -just scoffed at me for living in this so-called "village". Sure, it's small and culturally not very stimulating but the lovely people I met here and the striking French Alps that surround this beautiful town are the reasons why I'm still captivated. With markets every Wednesdays and Saturdays from 7am to 12pm, people trustworthy enough to return a lost phone and wallet at the mayors office (two separate occasions) and even hitchhiking to and from the mountains, this city will not disappoint.Being very close to the Italian border and the Mediterranean coast, the architecture in Gap is vibrant and full of warm colours. Being in a valley at 750m above sea level and the biggest city of the department, Gap is the perfect location to set your anchors (with plenty of reasonable airbnbs and cheap hotels in and around the city centre) while discovering the region.Trekking around the region will require renting a car because the public transport will not take you to the base of the summits. You can rent a car in Gap itself or in the city you arrive in before you drive up to Gap.