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The Chronicler
Pranav Harish
Day 5Take a train/bus to the lovely city of Strasbourg which is the capital of the Alsace region of France that shares its border with Germany. Alsace is well known for it wine production, the Vins d'Alsace which are mostly white.Due to its border with Germany it is rich in Franco-German culture and history. It is recommended to spend at least 2 days in Strasbourg indulging in its lip-smacking cuisine and a wide variety of Alsace wines, explore the medieval cobblestone streets and colorful half-timber houses of Strasbourg, Strasbourg Cathedral, the Old town, and most importantly the UNESCO recognized historical centre The Grand Island. Strasbourg is best explored by foot.
Travel Tales
We passed by Strasbourg, one of the largest cities of France and the border city of France & Germany. Every thing was so beautiful in that city that one can spend their retired life peacefully. Such a calm place it is..!! River Rhine passes through the city which adds to its beauty.
Strasbourg, Essence of AlsaceThis beautiful city with a mix of French and German history was a treasure for the geek in me.The German part of Strasbourg has some beautiful architecture - the Palais du Rhin, an imperial palace with Prussian architecture, National University Library and the National Theatre which are both housed in classical buildings and a host of consulate buildings. I landed up on this side just to see the EU official buildings, but ended up seeing so much more. The joy was personal since I deal with a lot of EU laws. I'm not sure how many people would share it, but for me, it was quite something.
Adriana Minali
This stunning city nestled right at the France-Germany border is famous for it’s winter Christmas markets but truly a year-round gem! What makes it so special is the fusion of French and German culture. Mingle with locals and take note of their dialect, an intertwining version of both countries’ languages. While you’re there, don’t pass up making a stop to the stunning Cathedral of Our Lady.