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Galle Dutch Fort

Neha Dharwar
Built in 1588 this fort is situated on a sea shore. Old dutch buildings which have now been converted into cafes and cute shops will just steal your heart away. Walking along those narrow streets after the sunset just makes your day better. Some of the restaurants have the best Sri Lankan food. Make sure you stay hydrated as it can get quite humid over here.
Debarati Dasgupta
Spend a day walking around Galle Fort – The Galle fort is a visual montage of Sri Lankan history. In the 18th century, the Dutch build their headquarters, here. Today, the same beautiful buildings have been transformed into trendy shops and cafes. Walk along its beautiful cobblestone alleys, and when your feet tire, take a moment to relax, sit on the walls of the fort and watch the sun disappearing in the sea.
Amit Kumar
So we had 3 days to cover Galle and Bentota as we decided to chill our time in the beaches. We headed over to the Dutch Fort.
Saheli Bera
You can consider the Galle city as a slice of Europe enveloped with tropical essence. Europeans have been here for a along time. It was initially built by Portuguese for the protection against the kingdom of Sri Lanka. Later, the Dutch community enlarged it in size and gave it a form it is in today. It's a World Heritage Center and people believe that the word 'Galle' derives from the word 'Gala', a Sinhala word that means rock.
Soumi Datta