Day 12 (Galle - Anuradhapura)

Photo of Day 12 (Galle - Anuradhapura) 1/1 by Born.Nomadic
Day 12

I left for Galle Railway Station after having an awesome breakfast. My knee continued to hurt. I was thankful to this doctor in the hostel who gave me few painkillers. It helped me for a while. I planned to travel the north before I leave. So, I purchased a ticket for Anuradhapura.

Photo of Anuradhapura, North Central Province, Sri Lanka by Born.Nomadic

It was a long tiring journey. To add more to this torment, the train took multiple stops. Though the journey was tiring, it was not monotonous as I got the company of Joshua and Michael; they were from Canada.

Photo of Day 12 (Galle - Anuradhapura) by Born.Nomadic

The train was crowded and we did not get seats. Thus, we stood by the door, talking all kind of stuff. They got off at Colombo and I got a window seat. I reached Anuradhapura at 7 PM. It got dark so I took a tuk-tuk to the hostel.

Photo of Day 12 (Galle - Anuradhapura) by Born.Nomadic

I stayed at this place called 'Lion Rest'. An average place, with minimal amenities but it served the purpose. I went to a local restaurant, had noodles, returned and went off to bed.

Day 12 Expenses - 2490LRK (17$)

(a) Accommodation Lion Rest - 1500LRK

(b) Train to Anuradhapura - 310LRK

(c) Snacks & Water - 200LRK

(d) Tuk-Tuk from the Railway Station - 100LRK

(e) Dinner - 380LRK

Day 13 (Anuradhapura)

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