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Pedlar's Inn

Pritha Puri
small restaurants with jazz and Sinhalese music playing in the backgrounds and dainty roadside cafe's are a delight to experience. the beaches in galle are extremely neat and clean, a sign that the place has not been explored too much by tourists. the water during July/august is extremely fierce and waiting to take you away along with its pounding waves on the beach-line. Take local autos to commute in and around Galle. You can either take the local bus that runs from Colombo to Galle or the local train. You can also hire a private taxi. Do check the local fare rate once you reach Colombo.
Some of the best restaurants we ate at were Crepe-o-logy, Peddlar’s Inn cafe, Serendipity cafe, Kingfisher (at Unawatuna beach) and Wok on the wild side. The crepes at Crepe-o-logy, the dessert at Peddlar’s Inn Cafe, the lobsters at Serendipity cafe and the mind blowing views and seafood at Kingfisher come highly recommended!SIDE TRIPS
Jyoti sharma
#Food:Pedler's inn offers great food though on expensive side. On a full moon day they don't serve alcohol ( everywhere in Sri Lanka)Serendipity art cafe : more so for the ambiance as I only had my very nice tea in the morning.On the back side of Galle fort: you will see lot of street vendors : At one of the places, blue structure you must have ginger tea, samosa and egg roti. It was absolutely yummy.Ice cream at shop opposite to pedler's inn. My favorite flavours were passion fruit and lemon.
Pritha Puri
After sunset, the Galle Fort looks even more amazing than it would in the morning. All the street vendors come out and shops open up. There are so many beautiful cafes and shops that are inside the Galle fort, that it might become a little confusing to pick one. But do go to a little cafe-cum-gemstone shop, called Pedlars Inn which is situated inside what used to be a British Post Office once. The staff is extremely friendly, and you might just get the best jewellery and clothing in Galle here.
Pritha Puri
Eat scrumptious meals at quaint cafes, inside the buildings of the Portuguese era Galle Fort.