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Bandaranaike International Airport

Abhishek Modi
Though the Airport is in Colombo I decided to leave very early for the airport. During the time of my visit, the airport was under renovation. The airlines had explicitly instructed to reach 5 hours before the time.
Anyways, I looked forward to my amazing trip. I was eagerly waiting for the plane to land at Colombo. I was just an hour from the foreign land. Once the place flew over, my eyes experienced a mystical view from the aeroplane window. The whole city glittered by the deep blue sea, it seemed as thousand stars in the sky and our plane was flying upside down. All this anticipated my excitement. We were getting closer to the ground, preparing to land. When suddenly, the captain throttled the plane flying us back above the clouds. Everyone started looking at each other in amazement.
Samantha Mascarenhas
To reach Airport from Pettah Bus stand – take the bus 187 and it will drop you off at Katunayake Airport Bus Station, from there it is a 15-20 min walk to the airport. A good GPS navigation will guide you while the ignore the tuk tuk drivers who will hail you for easy fare claiming it is a 5KM walk.
The flying experience was akin to a bullock cart ride and the deafening sound from the engine had our ears " vrooming"! At times, we did talk about the on going Sri Lankan politics and the recent gruesome war - only to be reminded that "Traveler needs no Politics!". Well, we were more excited about what Sri Lanka had in store for us! We arrived at Bandaranaike International Airport (Colombo International Airport) around 2 AM in the morning.Our tour guide and driver for the whole trip, an young chap in his late twenties was waiting for us with a Name Board. Long have i wished for a warm welcome. It was a dream come true and a happy sign indeed! I owe you, Lanka!The tour operator had offered us a van for four ( the vehicle could easily accommodate 7 pax). The air conditioned vehicle was comfy and more than we had anticipated!
Amit Tyagi
'Indian Tourist's body found in bushes 10 km from the Bandaranayake International Airport in Colombo'.