MG Marg Market 1/11 by Tripoto
September to March
Open from 8am to 7pm.
The Statue of Unity
All year
1 out of 4 attractions in Gangtok

MG Marg Market

"M. G. Marg otherwise called Mahatma Gandhi Road or MG Road is a street which is viewed as the town focal point of Gangtok. The street and the territory around it has changed throughout the years. It is currently more like a long extend of open shopping center or lane square where local people and visitors take recreation walk or simply sit and unwind on one of the numerous seats laid along the center and both sides of the street to absorb the vibe. The whole range is free of trash, smoke ,vehicle and any other mode of transportation. It's a ""Person on foot"" zone and vehicles are not permitted on this 1 kilometer stretch of the street. In line with government's green activity, all structures on both sides of this street are painted with green colour. The Statue of Unity overlooks MG Marg. The statue includes the figures of Bhutia Chieftain Khye Bumsa, the Lepcha pioneer Thetong Tek and his wife Ngo-Kong-ngol. Shops in MG Marg are open from 8am to 7pm. "
Take a hotel in the vicinity of M.G. Marg since this is the most beautiful place to stay and has the best dining options. Do check if the hotel has hot water facility since it is a common problem. Book a cab for Nathu La and Baba Sahib Mandir for the next day. The drivers need permit since it is in a close proximity of China border and only a limited number of cars are allowed.
Dheeraj Kumar
8) M.G Marg MarketThis a compulsory visit . If you came to Gangtok and never visited this, your tour will remain incomplete. It is the heart of Gangtok. Here you will get everything. It is the most cleanest market in India. It is very clean and in evening it itself a beauty. Very nice to sit in evening. An unforgettable place.You can try some varieties of street foods from here like at The Roll House, Taste of Tibet and much more..
Rajnikant Rakesh
Gangtok’s nightlifeAs the sun sets behind the mountains happy time come along MG Marg, Gangtok's Social hub. Tapri's, endless variety of juicy momos stalls, lounge bars come alive. What may surprise is the cleanliness around this area, its in fact one of the cleanest cities of the country and is even Spit & Litter free zone and it is really :). Dine, Dance, Drink the night away. Do try the local beers (tongba, chhang) available here in bamboo mugs it would be worth a experience.Finding YourselfGive yourself some time of peace and calmness away from the daily hectic life of cities we live in; Meditate in an ancient Buddhist gompa, visit the many monasteries this place has to offer. Don't forget to light a butter lamp for peace, love and whatever other reason you want to when you visit monastery :P
Main area in Gangtok. Good walk.
Sagnik Basu
The place would basically incubate you during your weekend. Infested with hotels and restaurants, MG marg would take good care of you and your stomach after everyday's adventure.
I started my exploration with M.G Road Gangtok. It was similar to all Mall Road in every hill station. But the uniqueness of this place is about its cleanliness,100% litter free zone and cool architecture. Locals say "our Chief Minister has made M.G Road as beautiful as a street in Singapore". Having my dinner at 'Rasoi', I concluded my day's walk and headed back to my hotel.