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Chulia Street

Vipul Mehta
Lebuh Chulia: There is no other place in Georgetown as happening as this in the night. Lebuh means Lane, Chulia is the name of the lane. Lebuh Chulia is by far the heart of Georgetown after the sunset. Almost all the pubs and eateries open around 7pm and the party goes on till 5 in the morning. My recommendation to anyone going there for a few days – stay near Lebuh Chulia and enjoy the nightlife of the town!Street Art of Georgetown: In Georgetown, street art is everywhere! And this is what makes the city special. And this is what also makes it the UNESCO World Heritage site. What Lebuh Chulia is in the night, the Street Art is in the day. Upon entering the town, every hotel will give you the street art map. Hiding behind the walls of normal houses, hotels and cafes, you would never realize when one strikes you unaware! Most of them are beautiful and very expressive. This is the reason why travelers from across the world come visit the colorful city of Georgetown. You can hire a rickshaw, rent a bicycle, rent an electric bike or a motorcycle, all options are open.