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Fort Cornwallis

Vipul Mehta
Fort Cornwallis: This is an old fort built by the British a few hundred years ago. Although it was built by Captain Francis Light, it is named after Charles Cornwallis who was the Governor-General of Bengal. Useless piece of trivia. Anyway. It carries a hefty entry fee of RM 20 per person which, for this piece of walls and grass ground is not worth. Go only if you have extra cash on your hand, else the sea view is as good from the adjoining marine drive (not the literal name) where you can always go for free.The Jetties: The jetties (all belonging to some or the other Chinese clans) were built 50+ years ago for business. These days they have become more touristy than business like. No entry fee, hence go and visit and buy some souvenirs if you feel like.