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Cycling through land mine areas and sniper ranges of Nathula.Gnathang – Nathula Pass – Gnathang (13,500 ft- 14,140 ft - 13,500 ft).Distance: 29 kmComing this far, we all wanted to cycle on the fourth day and reach Nathula. We got multiple pep talks from our guides, Bikash and Shanti di, and this was enough motivation to keep us going.The winds at Nathula made cycling challenging for all riders. I was riding alongside the 13-year-old, who would ride past me humming, "I like to move it, move it..." If anything, it was the goofing around on this route that kept our spirits high.We crossed the majestic Elephant Lake, the famous Baba Harbhajan Mandir, Hangu Lake and Tsomgo Lake on our way to one of the highest passes and every pitstop was beyond an overwhelming experience. At Nathula, we entered the army settlements and across the border gate we could see the fluttering Chinese flags reminding us how far we had come.We returned to our homestay in Gnathang and spent the night playing memory games, atlas, bluff and even invented a few new games that night. The bukhari and warm chang made us all the more comfortable and by the end of the games, the doctor in the squad was declared the "Bluffmaster" that night.

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