Club Cubana

Sonali Paikaray
On our day 2, we went to Miramar beach and enjoyed the amazing pao bhaji calling from the roadsides and then enjoyed the splendid goan colourful views and beautiful mandovi river till dusk and spend our night at Club Cubana governing the mystic arpora hills and it was no less than a wonder. For Club Cubana, they took you in their Thar as its on hill top. It was a Tuesday night offering free unlimited drinks for 1800/- couple entry and 1400/- stags (accompanied by couples) with unlimited drinks included. It was not that crowdy that night but everything about it was awesome. We stayed and enjoyed till we started dropping and some of us started passing out.. :-D Club Cubana is highly recommended to those who can spend a bit extra for extra enjoyment and extra safety plus amazing scenic city view from the top.
Aditya Sen
Vishal Tangirala
What can i say of this place.... It was packed and the atmosphere was electric, certainly a place id go every time I'm in Goa