Club Med Finolhu- Maldives

Photo of Club Med Finolhu- Maldives 1/8 by Sudeep

Been missing Maldives so much that when I went back to the pictures it took me back there. The colour of water, the beauty of the place can't be summed up in words. During my recent visit to Maldives, while we were staying at Club Med Kani, we got a chance to visit Club Med exclusive collection- Finolhu Villas, a 1o mins boat ride from Kani. It's a super-chic resort and recently opened adults-only paradise. The star attraction is the 30 overwater villas that form a gradual arch on the south end of the island. Located on the private island of Gasfinolhu. This is a more intimate retreat than Club Med Kani. Check out the video here-

Photo of Club Med Finolhu- Maldives 2/8 by Sudeep

We spent the day exploring this amazing resort and all of it's beauty. Right from the beaches to snorkeling to cocktails, pool and one of the best meals we've ever eaten in their over water restaurant. If could've paused time would have done that.

One can Choose from the "overwater" and "beach" villas depending whether one wants to be awaken by sunlight or to go to bed with sunrise. The rooms - well the rooms! Are some of the best I have ever experienced. Complete luxury with an overwater infinity pool that reaches the ocean, an outdoor chilling area and a bathtub. From the villas one can easily see schools of colorful fish are darting and dashing around. One can have their own butler that caters discreetly for all your needs (of course in the expensive rooms), a personal plunge pool and a staircase that descends straight into the ocean or a room just a few steps away from your own private beach. I even think I saw a Manta ray there while snorkeling.

Photo of Club Med Finolhu- Maldives 3/8 by Sudeep
Photo of Club Med Finolhu- Maldives 4/8 by Sudeep

The Pool Bar - which we found ourselves lounging, reading and napping at all afternoon serves both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages as well as champagne by the glass from 6pm. There is an overwater restaurant, at the other end of the island which is just as spectacular as the rooms. The menus offer a fairly typical Asian-European fusion mishmash, but everything's beautifully cooked and presented, with an emphasis on seafood. Best is the glass-bottom bar where you can enjoy unlimited drinks and watch the fish below. There is a tennis court, a gym and an exotic spa to keep you rejuvenated.

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The hotel is built from sustainable materials and it's 100 per cent powered by the solar panels that line the roofs of the jetties. Back-up generators will kick in if the sun doesn't shine for three days in a row.

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Unlike Club Med Kani, Finolhu takes a very different approach; you'll be treated to activities at a much more gentle pace like cinema under the stars with beanbags, popcorn and drinks on the beach as compared to the Dance and party atmosphere at Kani.

Photo of Club Med Finolhu- Maldives 7/8 by Sudeep
Photo of Club Med Finolhu- Maldives 8/8 by Sudeep

Finolhu Villas was tranquil and peaceful. A private, intimate and utter romantic place ideal for couples who want to enjoy the view and each other. It's the perfect place to stop, breathe and unwind.

The whole Club Med experience has been a new one for me and one that has been one of my best experiences. For me traveling has been to get out and about and visit a place, see the culture and experience wherever we are. But after a few days in Maldives with Club Med I realized that it is good to do absolutely nothing (or maybe something) and slow down and watch the waves go by maybe the whole day.

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