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November to February
9:30 AM - 11:30 PM
Free entry for women and foreigners; ₹500 for Indian men

Shiva Valley

Shiva Valley is a laid-back shack which attracts a lot of party-goers and music-lovers. Situated at Anjuna Beach in Goa, it brings together a thriving community of trance-lovers. A party is held every Tuesday, and entry is free for women and foreigners while Indian men are charged Rs. 500. With a pleasing vibe and good music, Shiva Valley makes you acquainted with a different side of Goa. Considered almost a holy ritual, many popular DJs grace this place and offer a night filled with Goa trance music. There are a lot of eateries around Shiva Valley which offer Israeli, Mediterranean, Tibetan and Italian food and can satisfy the hunger of people belonging to diverse cultures. With alcohol and cigarettes being served, the atmosphere offered here is apt for bringing different people together, as they get high on music and dance on psychedelic beats.
Riya Bali
Based in Anjuna area, Shiva Valley is the perfect spot for trance party lovers. On tuesdays, it turns into a crazy place. I had heard alot about this place from friends. It is situated on a private-kind-of a beach and looks like any other shack. Psychedelic music was being played with a huge dancing area on the ground floor. There was hardly any space to stand, let alone dance. Also, there's a restobar on the first floor. Inspite of being off the roads, this place was very crowded with people from different countries. There's a good reason it is called the 'Temple of Trance'. As a suggestion here, I would like to mention that one must visit here in groups, firstly, because the last patch of the road to this place is really harsh as well as secluded and secondly, that's how we enjoy, Right? The entry fee here is Rs 1000 for stags & couples and free for girls.
On day 3, we went to Calangute and the beach was mesmerizing with clean waters and softest shore soils. And finally came the night, which was one to be relished throughout my life. Shiva Valley - the name defines it all... !! Man!! This was insane. People dancing madly to the trance and all on their own; everybody's with someone but nobody with none!! This is how one feels when they enter into the world of "Shiva Valley". The entry was free for ladies and foreigners but Indian men had to pay 500/- each.. I don't appreciate the discrimination, but understand the marketing benefit behind that. Anjuna - is one of the best beaches in Goa, its mystically magical and the waves are like dancing to some tunes of their own and just making you go crazy like never before. One can hear the amazing sounds of the waves hitting the shore from miles away. The beach is full of venders (mostly women) selling bun - omelettes and amazing lemon maggie (both for 50/- each) and chocolates and cigarettes and the stuffs for which Shiva Valley is famous for. It was the the best night of my life and its damn highly recommended and is a must must MUST TRY..!!
Tanvi S
Oh boy this place was just amazing. We wanted to go to Curlies at Anjuna so we followed direction as GPS lead us. When we reached the pin point and parked our bikes, we were told by 2 local fellow that you will have to walk down the road for 7-8 mins. We started and the road was very scary and dim lighted and very dark most of times (phone flash lights helped us make through most of the road!) We climbed couple of stairs, made way through rough road and still no sign of this place and suddenly we could hear loud music and booooom, there was just a different world out there from the end of the corner of the road. The place was buzzing with crowd (mostly firangs and few Indians). We saw that Curlies and Shiva Valley, both were damn next to each other. Curlies is a shack and Shiva Valley is the night club. Both places were divided by a boundary made of beach tables. LOL. Girls entry were free. Paid stags and Couple entry. Shiva Valley's dance floor was filled with only firangs dancing on EDM and Trance. High on weed and booze (like rave parties shown in movies!). Shiva Valley side of beach had all Indians dancing on the sand. We enjoyed our time here were glad we made it till here!