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Sonalika Debnath
The Soctora Island of Yemen seems to be a photograph, sourced out of a sci-fi movie's production set. This outlandish island, separated from Africa boasts of unique biodiversity, such as the bulbous bottle tree and ancient and upturned dragon's blood tree, a creation of long geographical isolation. A little over 200km from Somalia, this lost-world archipelago is also flecked with sandy beaches that give way to limestone plateaus, full of caves and towering mountains.Pamukkale – The cotton castles of Turkey
Tasneem Merchant
The Socotra beaches are unlike any other beach that you will ever see. The flora and fauna are almost exclusive to these beaches and are not found anywhere else. A treasure trove of marine biology, there are even special eco - tours which are conducted for tourists who visit the area. The Socotra Beaches are actually a collection of 4 islands that form an archipelago in the Indian Ocean and offer some stunning crystal clear waters to those who would venture into its unknown mysteries.
Fatema Diwan
This mystery island is often compared to various fictitious and magical places. Also, known as "the lost world" , this place is recognized by the UNESCO as a natural heritage site. Archaeologists had found a lost city probably dating back to the 2nd century on this island. Most of this island remains unexplored and whatever has been seen has revealed some astonishing species of flora and fauna, some of which is unique to this island only. Located in the Gulf of Aden, this island is often held to be the "Garden of Eden." The place is beautiful with pebbled beaches, caves and waters that provide a great opportunity for adventure.