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African Lion Safari

Today we finally made it! We were very lucky with the weather as although it was raining cats and dogs in the morning, by the time we arrived it had happily ceased. You are advised, if you care about your vehicle, to use the tour bus. However, I would advise to try to use your car (obviously unless you really do adore your car) and if you care that much just bypass the monkey enclosure. It only took about 40 minutes to travel around the actual safari, meaning that we really whizzed past some of the parts we would have liked to have lingered at. In addition to which, we weren't keen on the constant voice overs, we would have liked much more to have chilled out and looked at the animals in peace. The constant screams of children and loud tourists didn't help too much either. That said - I saw plenty I liked. My favourites were the giraffe and zebra! By the time we arrived back at the main part of the zoo it was time to see the elephants take their daily swim. This was awesome. It was so much fun watching the animals enjoy themselves, instead of being penned in as they are in a zoo! They were kept in check by two dogs who did a great job of herding them. After this we caught the birds of prey show. I love birds of prey, especially eagles and vultures. I am always amazed that I live in a country where vultures and red tailed hawks are so common. Finally we walked around the petting zoo and I shared a moment with a cute baby pygmy goat that started off by licking my fingers so daintily and ended with him biting me!! Blooming miniature animals, I had enough of them when I had a shetland pony!! All in all, this is an amazing, fun place to go to if you are in Hamilton. here was loads we didn't do - including the elephant show, the birds of paradise show and the boat and train tour because we just didn't have time! And next time, we will definitely go around the safari park by car. Believe me, there will be a next time!