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Battlefield House Museum & Park

Battlefield Park is the location of the Stoney Creek Battle 1813. This is when the Americans invaded and Canada defeated them. When I say Canada, I mean the British settlers at this time and the natives. I don't think we need much more info than that?? It was the Women's Wentworth Historical Society who bought the park in 1899, it has been a museum ever since. Originally though, this was the home of widow Mary Jones Gage and her two children, James and Elizabeth, who came from New York 1790. It became the headquarters of the American invaders in 1813. There are extensive grounds at Battlefield Park, which are free to be explored!! In fact, they beg to be explored. The focus of my trip, however (owing to the wet weather) was Battlefield House Museum. Am I alone in adoring these type of museums?? I hope not. We were lead down into the cellar rooms, where the eerie lights played tricks on our eyes. Rumours are that there are ghosts in this house, making it a key feature on Hamilton ghost walks. Next up: a writing room! Filled to the brim with goose feathers perfect for writing with. Those little tiny ink pots lined the table and sand bowls were made ready to sprinkle on messy ink blobs! I remember being so fascinated by quills and ink pots when I was younger that my Mother bought me a Victorian school desk. I loved it. I would love another one for a writing desk now! We walked through the hallways, ensuring that we did not touch anything at all, and into the kitchen. A kind lady in long skirts was baking welsh cakes on the open fire. I may have taken a sneaky pic of her recipe, just for future use :) I will let you know how that turns out my friends! Doesn't life look so much simpler back then? I always yearn for this lifestyle, but I am unsure I would willingly detach myself from the modern world in search of it. How about everyone else?