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Burlington Beach

Ok, so not technically in the Hammer, but I am counting it as it is in between here and Burlington and because if you are around, it is worth a visit!! I feel like if you are visiting Canada, among it's great attractions are the Great Lakes, so they must be seen! But seeing them is not enough, they demand to be swam in during the hot summer months, or walked upon during the cold winter months. We sat on some rocks for a while and looked at the view over Burlington and, in the distance, Toronto- the CN Tower just visible. The boats and windsurfers were out in force. We saw one boat, filled with beer-drinking boys, that was named 'boats and hoes' - I didn't know whether to laugh or shake my head. I chose the latter! We also saw this guy sunbathing in his speedos. There were millions of these characters by themselves sunbathing and reading the paper!! I also found a washed up wallet, which instantly piqued my interest. Where could it have come from? A boat? Was it stolen and dumped? A drunkard? Something sinister lying beneath the lake??