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Chedoke Falls

If you walk down Dundern, you come to a huge amount of steps trailing up the mountain. Runners often use these (they must be mad), they connect lower and upper Hamilton. The view from the top is amazing. Ducking beneath them, you come to a large grate over a steep drop. If you travel far enough, you might come to beautiful water. It is a really tough climb, you might even cry (I did). Word of warning: Don't wear flip flops, your toes will be crushed by falling rubble and you won' be able to grip the rock properly! Follow the water up and you come to the first waterfall, adorned with inushuks, North American stone men. Travelling further up the water, facing yet more perilous climbs, eventually, you come to the most spectacular falling sheet of water. Find a rock and sit a while. Ponder life, paddle, swim, climb. Enjoy life.