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Copps Coliseum

One of the things that I mentioned I really wanted to do a while back was go to Copps Coliseum, which is a ten minute walk from where I live and is a stadium that hosts a range of gigs, musicals, sporting events etc. My wonderful friend and neighbour who lives downstairs, knowing this, bought us both tickets to go and watch The Lumineers at Copps Coliseum and kept it as a surprise for me! What an amazing gift. So, we went out a grabbed food with an eclectic bunch of people who barely knew each other, but we all knew each other by the end of the night! We went to a bar called The Anchor Bar, which was crazy busy, but our server was amazing! We then headed to the concert. The venue is so nice. It is large enough to fit enough people in to make bigger gigs lucrative and possible, but small enough that it still felt cozy. Our seats were awesome, we could see everything. I felt the same feeling I felt when I went to be blessed by the Pope in Rome. That amazing feeling of collective worship and spirituality not linked to a specific God, but by the gathering of people all emitting feelings of love! This seemed to be channelled through the music of The Lumineers, who were amazing! They sang all their usual songs and a couple of new ones with such energy and soul. They sang a Bob Dylan cover of Maggie's Farm and did it justice, heaven for me! At one point they asked people to put down electronic gadgets and just be with them in the moment as they sang their most famous song 'Ho Hey' and I was utterly appreciative of the one old fashioned soul who held up a lighter instead of a mobile phone light aloft!