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Dundurn Castle

I walked our grown up puppy to Dundurn Castle, which is really not too far away from where we live. It is a beautiful walk, but today particularly so! The walk to Dundurn was less pleasant, some parts of this city are so very ugly and parts of Queen Street particularly so. It was totally worth it once we got there though. Dundurn Castle is set amidst a beautiful wooded park, although it is a shame it is so close to such a busy road. We walked through the trees and watched the squirrels searching for their nut stashes and the geese milling around. Zoey enjoyed eating goose poo most of all, much to my continuing disgust! We then took a little wander to the back of the building, where you can see far out from the top of the cliff the castle sits on, over the railroad and then onward over Lake Ontario. Dundurn Castle was built in 1832 by Allen Napier McNab and named after their ancestral home in Scotland. He was a military man and before this was a site for a castle, it was a military site in 1812. It has a full working garden and admissions are around 10$ per person to enter inside the building. People believe the building to be haunted - in 1812, eleven men were hung in the street opposite and no doubt, as with everywhere in Canada, the land was used by the natives for many different things for years before McNab! In the room that McNab's second wife died of consumption, talk of ghostly workings are rife!