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Hamilton Bulldogs Hockey Club

I am no expert on ice hockey. I am no expert on sport. If I had to say that I was truly a fan of any sport it would be football (soccer) and even then only when England play! However, it struck me that in more than a year of living in Canada, I still hadn't been to see a hockey match! Most people around here support the Maple Leafs - which is the Toronto team. Most stores have Maple Leaf paraphernalia to buy - pucks, sticks, hats, gloves, mascots etc. That is because they play for the National Hockey League (NHL), which even I had heard of from England! This is kind of like the Premier League in football (soccer). Hamilton does in fact have it's own hockey team - The Hamilton Bulldogs - who play for the American Hockey League (AHL). This is sort of like the championship league in football (soccer). Less well known, they can nonetheless be glimpsed in the film 'Goon', which, along with 'The Mighty Ducks', we watched before and after the match! I mean come on - it had to be done didn't it? Kim even owns a Mighty Ducks t-shirt! We went to watch them at the First Ontario Centre (previously known as Copps Colliseum), where I went to watch the Lumineers play. It is just a ten minute walk from my house and tickets were $34 each, which was good value really. What wasn't good value was the refreshments - a can of beer for $10 was rather steep. The Bulldogs played against San Antonio Rampage who, dressed all in black, looked menacing and dominated play from the first puck drop. The Bulldogs, meanwhile, have a comical air to them - from the bulldogs on their shirts, to their mascot - a bulldog capering around the stands. Even their chant was comical: 'Who let the dogs out?', to the response 'who who who' coming from giant men through the auditorium.