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Hess Village Variety

The sun is shining, you are free as a bird and surrounded by friends. One of my favourite things to do in these situations is to take a wander down to Hess Village. This is a small section of street in Hamilton which is paved and the entrance to which is marked by a wrought iron sign. Along this paved street are approximately 22 bars or restaurants. The majority of these have patios alongside one another. People sit out there in the dozens. Milling around with not a care in the world. Everyone knows everyone else. If you don't know anyone there don't worry, because you soon will. As day turns into evening, the music starts in earnest. Not just the rubbish that DJs play in England, but real music played by a four piece band. And unlike the sedate pubs of England, no one in the bars of Hess mind if you are the only person dancing with one hand waving free. As long as you aren't too drunk - they are very strict about that around here! Getting to Hess really is a great way to meet new people who will remember you forever, even when you struggle to remember their names (whoops!)