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Jackson Square

Bored in Hamilton in the rain? Get to Jackson Square! Jackson Square is a small shopping mall. There's usually a variety of 'colourful' people to meet, who may or may not be talking to you from beneath straggling beards. This is the haunt of the unemployed, of Mothers with young infants and other people, like me, who have nowhere better to be on a Monday afternoon! Facilities at Jackson include a large public library, a food court, a farmer's market, a Tim Hortons, a 'Chapters' bookstore, various small clothes shops selling items you might not wish to wear, loads of nail salons selling OPI polishes at cheaper-than-in-England prices (anyone back home want any?). There is a cinema that is usually dead, so you are not only guaranteed a seat, but maybe even a whole cinema screening to yourself. There are a few places to eat and drink. One of my favourite things to do though, is to get a book, go just outside jackson to a small green area where there is a column (well, it's more like a pole really) with 'peace' written on it. This would seem the least peaceful area, amidst the sirens and traffic and bustle of people. However, what I love is that you sit there with a book, or just looking at the pole and all the sounds fade away. It is a small reminder of peace being found anywhere because you should carry it around with you everywhere.