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Locke Street South

I imagine Locke Street is a little like marmite - you either love or hate it, but for my part I love it! There are many reasons a person might dislike it - the expensive prices for food and shopping, the 'yuppy' atmosphere in which every man and his dog sits in a quiet cafe tapping away on their laptops writing a novel of some sort, the pomp and pretence of it all. Let me tell you why I love it though. Locke Street has a specialist cheese shop. It sells every cheese imaginable and then some. When I had money way back, when I wasn't just some unemployed bum, we ate a different cheese a day. Locke Street has West Town which, despite happenings on the rest of the street, sells a decently priced beer and the super cheap, delicious West Town Pizza. This is where we spent Easter yesterday! Pick one of the window seats and watch the lazy activity on the street. It is a busy street on which nothing ever seems to happen! It has a very small library to sit in on quiet, lazy afternoons and so many vintage clothes and antique shops, cake shops etc, so quaint! My favourite thing, though, is meandering along the pavement, reading the poetry that is inlaid along the path. It is by a poet named Simon Frank, who requests the poem not be published in full anywhere because it is a walking poem and can only truly be appreciated by taking a wander along the path itself. The lines read things such as 'wander', 'think', 'thought', 'a deep breath', 'a thousand mile journey' etc. Pomp and pretence in bundles, but also amazing to regard on a hot afternoon when you come from a walk up the mountain and your legs are starting to weary! Each year there is a festival with entertainment and craft stalls. A friend of ours had a stall there last year, I would love to have a stall there this year. It will be held in September. Anyway, if in Hamilton, this street is definitely worth a look! It even has a gun shop with a picture of Elmer Fudd out front!