Sherman Falls 1/undefined by Tripoto

Sherman Falls

We parked (for free) by Sherman Falls, which is perfectly lovely as waterfalls go, but there's not much more to tell than that. We crossed the road and made our way along the Bruce Trail opposite these falls. The weather was glorious - ten degrees, but easy t shirt weather because the sun was so bright. Although much of the snow has melted in lower Hamilton, it was still thick up the mountain. This made the path treacherous and icy on spots along the way, but it soon regressed into slush, making things much easier! Along the path were many smaller waterfalls that we climbed over. The puppy had a great outing - banging our legs with sticks as she ran past us on the path! The trees seemed so much larger than normal in this area. We selected a fallen log to eat our egg sandwiches and home made chocolate cake (I searched in vain for dandelion and burdock to make it a perfect Enid Blyton al fresco dining situation, but would you believe I couldn't find any anywhere?!)