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Qiandao Lake

Yizhen Yap
Beautiful scenery! We took a day to tour the islands. There is a tourist spot to buy tickets for speedboats that allows you to take different routes to explore different islands. This takes up about a whole day, and I suggest starting early. We left the BnB at 6:30am reached around 7am got to the ticketing booth around 7:30am, difficult to park around there. A speedboat takes around 10 people and each ticket is around 120rmb. There are private boats as well but more expensive. We had 10 people, so we technically had a private boat ;) Each island has a different name, due to their special characteristics. On another day we traveled for about 2 hours to get to a old town, 芹川古镇 (Qin Chuan Old town). This town has a very long history and is relatively hidden, but has become a popular place to visit in recent years. Most families have stayed there for generations. Getting to know the people and the history of the place was very interesting. However, do bring someone who understands their dialect, because it's hard to interpret even if you understand mandarin.