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The Independence Palace

Shriranjani Rao
A landmark in Ho Chi Minh, this is the place where South and North Vietnam reunited, ending the acrimonious wars and hostility. We didn’t explore much here as time was ticking away for booking tickets for the much awaited Water Puppet Show in advance.Day2:Mekong Delta
THINGS TO DO IN HO CHI MINH CITY:Start your day by visiting The Reunification Palace which contains a wonderful mixture of art and history. This was the headquarters of the South Vietnamese government during the war, where the North stormed through the gates to receive the resignation from the South and in essence win the war.
Nidhi Jakhodia
From War Remnants Museum we walked to Reunification Palace or the Independence Palace. Originally it was built as residence for French Governor General. Later, when Vietnam was split into North Vietnam and South Vietnam, the building served as the presidential home for South Vietnam's President. On April 30th, 1975, North Vietnamese tanks crashed the gates and took over the palace. Vietnam became one country again in 1975, and since then palace is referred to as Reunification Palace. Entrance fee is VND 20,000. While its an important historic symbol for Vietnam, the building itself looks unimpressive.
First Stop, we went to Reunification Palace. It’s a normal old government palace where it was ran by French invaders. Nothing much, but if you are really keen on Vietnam History.