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With my experience so far, North & Central Vietnam was humble & traditional; something that changed drastically as we moved to Saigon in the south. In Saigon's defence, we spent only a day there (my immediate assessment was that it was slightly brasher). Saigon, known as the liberal one, has a more spontaneous and open feel to it with young enterprising aspirational population and has different stories to share about itself. With the Fall of Saigon, between 1975 and 1980, more than 1mn northerners migrated to the south and central regions, and in turn, displaced Southerners from their homes, forcibly relocating them to uninhabited mountainous forested areas. Now here are the stories that I heard in Saigon.The families who were once rich, suddenly had to give up their lands and homes to flee, which you may also recall is predominantly the story of most grandparents no matter which country you reside. The guide who arranged our tour to the Cu Chi tunnels mentioned how unfair to Southerners this was which makes you realize just how much humanity war can destroy.Having put up at a hostel in District 1, the financial and commercial hub of Saigon, I managed to scoot up to the pub crawl area behind the lanes of our hostel and have some dinner while I could see women standing on the roads inviting on-goers to their loud pubs. Saigon looked more modern a metropolis, compared to its counterparts in the North.With Saigon, we ended our travel tryst with Vietnam, leaving us to come back for more. Of all the stories, the one that strikes most is the re-unification history of Vietnam - mainly that of struggle, against the French, the Japanese, the Americans, against South Vietnam ideologies and later the Chinese too. Warfare had demolished the country's infrastructure and economy, but reconstruction proceeded slowly. Also prone to natural calamities Vietnam thrives in the continual resurrection.Never blaming, complaining, nor looking for pity, Vietnam is winning hearts because it is tenacious, united and resourceful, and that is also how it is rebuilding its economy. The spectacular dark cave, the one that I imagined in my head before visiting this place, suddenly held a different reality. A reality of the spirit of humanity in Vietnam, the one reality that is everlasting.Footnotes:

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Best time to visit Ho Chi Minh City is from December to April

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