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Cu Chi Tunnels

Pallavi Sareen
Ho Chi Minh City also had many places worth visiting like the Notre Dame Cathedral. I had never been to Paris to visit the Notre Dame Cathedral there but seeing the one in Ho Chi Minh City was definitely a wonderful experience. I also went to the War Remnants Museum and the re-Unification Palace. That afternoon, we left the city toward Cu Chi to explore the Cu Chi tunnel. Later, we got back to the city and stayed at the same hotel.
Day 3: Today, time to visit famous Chu Chi tunnels. It is again a half day trip where you can see the life of Vietnamese at the time of war. Their guerrilla warfare technique against well equipped Americans was superior. This could have been done with day 2.
Anandita Pattnaik
Mariya Nalawala
I knew a bit of history of Indochina War and the Cold War, but I really didn't understand the true human cost until I went there. There are some experiences which leave deep impact and make you think about human powers. Well, for me this was one of those :)We booked one day trip from our hotel and our tour guide was quite knowledgeable. I highly recommend to take tour guide instead of getting there alone.Short history of Cu Chi TunnelThe Cu Chi Tunnels are an absolutely enormous network of interconnecting tunnels underground in the Cu Chi region of Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City) and a well-known historic vestige of the Vietnamese revolution.The tunnels were used by the Vietnamese soldiers in the 1960s as communication and supply routes, as well as hiding spots for surprise attacks against the American and living quarters.The Cu Chi Tunnel represented the will, intelligence and pride of the people of Cu Chi and symbolized the revolutionary heroism of Vietnam.
Karthik Vivek
This underground network of passageways was built by the Vietcong or the North Vietnamese during the war, and was a important stronghold that the Americans repeatedly failed to conquer. I've read about the Vietnam war ,arriving at Cu Chi, it’s hard to imagine that this peaceful forest just forty years ago have been home to so much death and destruction.Its a great place to try some shooting with AK47s and Now, I’m from India, where guns are as rare,we still have our bad guys in movies carrying knifes and sickles and I support India's gun-free culture, and I hope it never changes.That being said, : Guns are cool.Seriously. Blasting AK 47s was the most fun I’ve had in months. Now I understand why Americans love their guns:)Halong Bay