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Birla Mandir

A completely marble made Mandir, Birla Mandir in Jaipur is not only famous but one that gives a feeling of peace and calmness to the visitors. Though, there are a number of Birlan Mandirs around the nation, the one in this city is quite hugs. The cleanliness, the maintenance and the well-planned structure and system is bound to take you off your feet. Apart from that, the architecture of the entire monument is worth a heavy sigh. The temple is a dedication to Lord Vishnu and Goddess Laxmi. It is also known as the LaxmiNarayan Temple for these reasons. There are quite a number of foreign tourists visiting this place all throughout the year.
Destination 1: Birla Mandir
Anoop Jain
The next place we decided to visit was the Birla Mandir. It's a temple with the view of almost the entire Hyderabad city from the top. There were statues of Buddha, Sai Baba, Ganeshji and so on. We climbed and the view was fabulous.
Snehanshu Shome
I took an auto back to my Zostel. Rested for a while, took a shower and grabbed a quick bite. Next on my list was the Birla Mandir. For this I booked another Ola Bike and went of to there. I could not click much photos of this place as it grew a little dark. The temple also known as the lakshmi Narayan temple was a piece of beauty. Made with the best of the white marble, this temple is situated at most of the cities in India. The temple house the idols of the diety Vishnu and his consort Lakshmi.
Karim S A
Assend the steps and go to Birla Temple. Have a illuminated view of Necklace Road and be mesmerized. Feel taller standing in the Birla Mandir above and let the Buddha Statue envy you from below.
Ananiah Blessing
Dedicated to Lord Venkateshwara of Tirumala Tirupati Temple, Birla Mandir was constructed using 2000 tonnes of white marble brought in from Rajasthan. Built on Naubat Pahad, a 280 feet high hill, this place is among the top places in Hyderabad tourists choose to visit and needs a little bit of climbing. The top rewards you with a beautiful panoramic view of Hyderabad & Secunderabad.