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Necklace Road - the Marine Drive of Hyderabad

Photo of Necklace Road - the Marine Drive of Hyderabad by Karim S A

The locals always neglect the local. It's not a saying, but truth. It's the Tourist, who comes from outside, who shows enthusiasm to see and explore. Likewise, when we go out to other places, we browse the net, ask our friends, colleagues and acquaintances about where to go, where to stay, what to see, what to eat etc. But rarely do we show the same enthusiasm for the place or city in which we stay.

Hyderabad is famous for these things: Hyderabadi Dum Biryani, Kebabs, Karachi Biscuits, Irani Chai with Osmania Biscuits, Mangatrai Pearls, Laad Bazaar Bangles, Charminar, Golconda and Tankbund. And lest I forget, the second biggest Film Studio called Ramoji Film Studio is here in Hyderabad.

Hussain Sagar Lake is the Heart of Hyderabad which connects Hyderabad and Secunderabad. And the road around this lake is called Necklace Road. It is also the entertainment hub of this city. It's the Marine Drive of Hyderabad, where people from the city as well as outsiders throng for entertainment. And at night, with glittering lights, it almost has an international feel to it. It has everything for every one. You can sit there for hours together watching the humdrum of the life around you with just bhel for as less as Rs. 10/-. (Real happiness does not come with money). Or sit there till late in the evening and when your hunger pangs pester you, go relish Bade Miyan's Sheek Kebabs which are truly heavenly. Have a feast once in a while. Hyderabad is truly a non vegetarians paradise. Hyderabadi Dum Biryani, Haleem, Kebabs, Pathar Gosht, oh the list goes endless.

For the strict vegetarians, Kamat Hotel comes as a respite. You can enjoy their special North Indian Thali which comes with a plethora of dishes starting with Soup+ Roasted Papad, Butter Naan and Paneer Butter Masala and then the unlimited Rice, Sambar, Dal, Rasam, a couple of curries, fry, Curd, Pickle, Ghee, Papad, Spicy Powder, and some Sweet with the finishing touch of Banana. Does the stomach crave for anything more? All this for less than Rs. 200/-.

Or you can head to Hotel Amrita Castle for a sumptuous spread of buffet lunch or dinner at the Salzburg Street, where you can sit, talk and in between the sweet talk, enjoy your buffet meal. Starters, Main Course and Deserts. Mathematically divide your stomach into these three sections and fill them to your heart's content.

There are other places too, like The Water Front Food joint for that upper class feel. The decor is classy yet simple. You can sit with a view of the lake which itself is such a soothing experience. Have the food of your choice and feel satiated. Good food and good ambience for those special moments with your special someone.

Or you can go watch a movie at Prasad's I Max. It has one large Screen and four screens to cater to the movie buffs. It even caters to multi linguistic movie buffs by screening other languages like Malayalam, Tamil, and Kannada movies during weekends. Be there at 9.00 AM on any given Saturday or Sunday and the place is abuzz with chatterings in Malayalam and Kannada. Such cultural milieu enriches the Society. No where else can you find such a melange.

And if you are the religious kind, go to Birla Mandir and seek solace. It's a Temple whose opulence lies in the white marble with which it was built. Spend some time here in God's abode for some inner peace and tranquility. The view from the top, especially of Necklace Road, is beautiful beyond words. Be there when the Sun sets to catch a glimpse of the beauty of this place.

You can do boating here either on a motorized speed boat or get into Bhageerathi to see the dance show on the deck of the cruise as you are shown around the Buddha Statue. The best time to visit Lumbini Park is in the evening.

You can visit the NTR Memorial or NTR Garden and see around the Garden in the toy train there. Sit there on the lush carpet of grass and watch the children enjoying the rides and games. There is something for everyone.

On the other side of Tank Bund, you have Snow World - for the feel of Shimla in Hyderabad. Go play in the snow and have a ball.

Alone, with someone special, with your friend, or friends, or even if you are with your family, this place makes you have some moments of peace.

Be here, to unwind and relax.

A place to call my own

Photo of A place to call my own by Karim S A

Snow World

Photo of Snow World by Karim S A

Munchies 4 You

Photo of Munchies 4 You by Karim S A

The National Flag

Photo of The National Flag by Karim S A

The Speeding Boat

Photo of The Speeding Boat by Karim S A

For some quiet moments

Photo of For some quiet moments by Karim S A

Wind Surfing

Photo of Wind Surfing by Karim S A

The City Scape

Photo of The City Scape by Karim S A

The Thrill Ride

Photo of The Thrill Ride by Karim S A

A boat Ride in the Evening

Photo of A boat Ride in the Evening by Karim S A

NTR Gardens

Photo of NTR Gardens by Karim S A

Lumbini Park

Photo of Lumbini Park by Karim S A

Beautiful Necklace Road

Photo of Beautiful Necklace Road by Karim S A

Bhageerathi Boat

Photo of Bhageerathi Boat by Karim S A

The Family Boat

Photo of The Family Boat by Karim S A

Zoom past every other boat

Photo of Zoom past every other boat by Karim S A

The Water Front Food Joint

Photo of The Water Front Food Joint by Karim S A

The famed Buddha Statue

Photo of The famed Buddha Statue by Karim S A

Birla Mandir

Photo of Birla Mandir by Karim S A

The State Secretariat

Photo of The State Secretariat by Karim S A