Val d'Europe

niksi rane
As we heard of great place to shop nearby we both went there told others to meet at hotel at night.Bought the daily pass.We took a train from nearest station Gare de Marne la Vallée Chessy to Gare de Val d'Europe the next stop...the station was classy..we are walking towards mall few minutes from the station.Here you get trendy local brands with Paris label..we have list of things to buy for our female friends in India.As its national day nearby each shop some or the other promo going on saved us some money.Next journey was long have to change trains.We have map but not google map.Here police & train counter guy helped us a lot.Good thing is that there EVM machine for ticket accept cards.Boarded the train after 10 min.The train is double-decker but was full with people from disneyland.Was standing on the way but saw people even sitting on stairs to the decks..surprising.After sometime we only both standing was a situation...we have been called an US family offered us 4th seat with their family...they have done loads of shopping for their twin kids.All the way they are talking about US & asking us about India.After around 40 min we reached Auber to switch train.Left the train after waving the hearty family.Was standing on the same platform unaware of was the train come on the same platform.We find a lady at last who knows english & ready to help.She told us she is going the same way.
Nikhita Shere
This mall was so worth it! We nailed the timing, it was the beginning of november and all the sales had just begun. All the major European clothing brands are under one roof. There is ample scope for budget shopping to luxury. Expect good deals on Clothing, especially jackets, dresses ,faux leather boots and bags. Take your time and stroll around as many stores as possible. tip: To exactly know if the store you stepped in fits your budget, quickly check the price tag and compare it with the ideal price in your head, WALK OUT immediately you realise its a NO! SAVES A LOT OF TIME AND ENERGY...