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Sarafa Bazaar

Yes, I do….Being a big-time foodie, Sarafa bazar been to my wish list since I came to know about this place year back and it might not be wrong to say Indore is a food capital of MP. Sarafa is probably the only market in India which remains as a jewellery market at daytime and converts into a street food court during night. The food stalls starts setting after 7 or 7.30 once the jewellery shops get closed.Food doesn’t dare to miss at Sarafa bazar….Vijay Chat HouseVijay chaat house is at entrance of Sarafa bazaar and exceptionally famous for their kachori, samosa and patties. Kopra patties are one of the premium things about Vijay chaat house. Kopra patties are deep fried balls of mashed potato with stuffing of grated coconut and some spices served along with tangy and chatapati imali chutney.