Backpackers Villa Sonnenhof - Hostel Interlaken

Parampara Patil Hashmi
I remember waking up one morning in our hostel in Interlaken and checking out the many activity brochures. I knew I had an agenda on my mind. So, before we set out to explore Interlaken, I had our arrangements for the evening in place.
Parampara Patil Hashmi
We started by picking out all possible brochures and flyers from our hostel to check out the kind of activities available.We had to look into the monies, the time and the schedule to align for the upcoming week.And we came up with the most contrasting itinerary for our Swiss winter date! What was supposed to be a Bollywood location scouting vacay, turned out to be an adrenaline filled vacation amidst the serene views of the snowcapped Alps.
Nairit Sur
Very clean and tidy. Good wifi connectivity. Great breakfast (included). Fantastic dorm rooms with great view. Friendly staff. Has combo deals with local restaurants which are quite decent. Highly recommended