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"God paints in many colours; But He never paints so gorgeously… As when He paints in white...

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First Impressions: Bahnhofstrasse, Zermatt

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6 Reasons Why Zermatt Should Be In Your Swiss Itinerary

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This Swiss Town Has No Cars

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Paradise of Valais Alps

Zermatt Do I fear death or I expect more from life? Not really, while I have seen, lived and dre...


The capital of Italy is one of the most fascinating cities in Europe since it is filled with as many historical insignias as its modern counterparts. Being the administrative capital of Italy, Milan is also understandably bureaucratic to some extent. What's really enviable here is the beauty of everyday things. The roadside cafes and bars are designed to welcome and not merely swindle. The overall humour is deadpan, but hilarious. It's an outstanding city and a relatively cheap European destination from India.Free things to do while here: Duomo di Milano is one of the most iconic symbols of Italy; also known as the Milan Cathedral, one can climb up to check out the city view from the top by paying a nominal fee. If you've watched enough Italian cinema, you might have developed preconceived notions about the country – a visit to the tiny old alleyways of Brera will validate your ideas and you can click a thousand Instagram-worthy pictures here. Finally, take a stroll down the most fashionable street in world – Via Montenapoleone; if you are travelling on a budget, it'll obviously be difficult for you to buy anything here, but window shopping will be a treat to your fashion desires.Where to eat: Here are three cheap but outstanding places to eat in Milan: 1. Macelleria Equina Da Vito at Via Lorenteggio, 2. Piadineria Artigianale Pascoli at Via Niccolo Paganini, 3. Mr. Panozzo at Via Enrico Noe. The first one has gluten-free options available, while the other two have vegetarian as well as vegan options.Where to stay: Unlike contrary beliefs, one can actually stay in Milan on a budget. Here's one beautiful option to consider.
Zürich is the largest city in Switzerland, with beautiful Lake Zürich and many other architectural wonders. Fifa World Museum is located right here for football fans. I rather chose to scroll through Toy Museum. If you want to see how toys looked like 300 years ago, just spare some time for it. Quite fascinated with these preserves I decided to pay a visit to a church nearby, and the architecture and carvings were marvellous.
Italy is just round the corner from French Riviera and therefore we decided to make the best use of our schengen visa. We took a train and headed to the Italian town of Ventimiglia. It's just a small train ride away. From eating oysters to digging in pasta- we did that in one day and we were pretty kicked about it. The moment you cross the border, you will notice a stark difference between the French and the Italian culture. Just within a few miles, you see a difference in food, textures, flavours, language, people. We entered a bustling market selling local fruits, vegetables and flowers. The prices are generally lower than what you will find across the French border. Do find time to devour some sinful local risotto, spaghetti and pasta and end your meal with a heavenly tiramisu.

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During my trip to Switzerland, I was really excited to travel in this train journey. I booked a Swiss travel pass which cost me around 180 Euros and covered all trains inside Switzerland including this one. If you are travelling with Euro rail pass then this train is not free for you. Also seat reservation are compulsory for this train. All the catering services are present inside this train, and you can book a buffet for you inside. The train is a panoramic journey and I felt that I am almost flying through these beautiful mountains.

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Best time to visit Zermatt is from February to April and from September to October

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