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Greve in Chianti

Pallavi Mahajan
(e) The officer at the Tourist Information Desk, Greve, Chianti region had told us that we can catch the bus back to Florence from the same depot at which we had arrived in Greve. We arrived at the same Depot 30 minutes early from the departure time of the bus but were surprised to see not a soul there. As the time neared for our bus departure we got fidgety because there was no one there and we couldn't see any bus. Just to our rescue a bus from Florence arrived. We went to the driver with our query only to be informed that we are at the wrong depot, as this depot was only for arrivals. This happened at 7 pm and the departure time of our bus was at 7.10 pm. We were in deep shit because in Greve the only way of commuting is either by foot or by a personal transport. The bus driver, who told us that we are at the wrong depot, was a localite and had his car parked at the depot. He asked us to get in the car and he will drop us at the right depot. Meanwhile in the car he called up the bus driver of our bus to Florence(both of them drove the same company bus, Flix bus) and asked him to wait. We were thankful and embarrassed. We apologised on causing him unnecessary trouble to which he replied, 'This is Italy, we wait for others. I waited for my wife for 5 years before she agreed to get married to me'. He dropped us to our bus and left.