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Garima & Alok
LidoIt's a beach in Venice where you can go and make your body in relaxing mode, It's a peaceful place just enjoy the water ,sun and fresh air .
Muktadhara Ray
This beach gave us Indians first out of the country an insight into how a beach in a foreign land looks like. From the Venice city centre we boarded a boat bus to Lido. It took us more than an hour to reach. The junk jewellery shop just outside is a must check but for cheaper and good stuff girls must ransack the shops in city centre.Caution : carry your sunscreen.Frequent searches leading to this page:-Europe tour packages from Delhi with airfare from Delhi, Europe tour packages from Delhi with airfare 7 days, Europe tour packages 15 days from India, Europe tour packages cost, Europe vacation packages cheap, Places to visit in Europe for honeymoon