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Monterosso Al Mare

Clueless Compass
Monterosso is divided into two parts: The old village 'Bordo' and the new village 'Fejina'. The beach is located in Fejina. Most of the established hotels are also situated here. The old and new part of the village is essentially connected by a tunnel.There exists a Church of St Francis here. Unlike the rock filled narrow beaches of Cinque Terre, the beach of Monterosso is vast and sandy, with many beach umbrellas put out for shade. One lot of the beach was filled with umbrellas of blue, and not so far way we can spot similar white, orange and green colored ones all popping out their brilliant shades.
Sonam Singh
Day2: We woke up early to get ready to visit other villages like Monteresso, vernazza, cornigilia, manarola. All villages are very well connected by roads , train & ships.
Sumedha Bharpilania
Badly hit by floods in 2011, Monterosso, which is the farthest of all villages from La Spezia and closest to the town of Levanto, has risen like a Phoenix from its ashes. It is also the only village that can be accessed by car, has a full-fledged beach and is famous for its lemon trees. Getting There: A Cinque Terre Card, available at the La Spezia or Levanto train stations for around 12 Euros grants you free rides on trains connecting the villages up to the town of Levanto or the other way round. If in case you are not walking along the Blue Trail, Monterosso is the fifth stop from La Spezia and the first stop from Levanto and the ride is approximately 25 minutes and 5 minutes long, respectively. If you do not have a card, tickets can be bought for about 2 Euros at La Spezia, For around 1.5 Euros at Levanto or any of the other villages and require validation. The train mostly runs through tunnels but even the smallest glimpse of the sea is breath-taking.