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Sonalika Debnath
2. Cycle through the rolling hills of Piedmont and hunt for trufflesThis 10-day jaunt is where food and adventure unites at Italy’s pilgrimage sites for foodies. So while you cycle through hilly hamlets and roads fringed with vineyards, you will also tour distilleries, and learn about grape production in both wine and grappa. Apart from getting a little tipsy on the Barbera, Dolcetto, or the Nebbiolo wines, you will come back heady with the taste of the Grissini bread sticks and heavenly chocolates.
Heather Carlson
I’ve visited Torino, (also known as Turin) twice since we moved to Italy. There is something magical about this town that makes me want more. More beautiful architecture. This Northern Italian city has feeling uniquely it’s own. To me, it feels French and Italian at the same time. I love the lacy balconies, grand cafés and arcaded shopping streets. More Piedmontese food. The food and wine are legendary here in Piedmont. The restaurant I visited last month had a meat cart, a cheese cart and a DIGESTIVO cart, all served table side. I’ve never seen anything like it!